Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to start seeing results with my program?

This will be completely individual from person to person! training was and always will be individual. Provided you are consistently ticking boxes & adhering to the plan most of my clients tend to see physical results anywhere from 2-4 weeks onwards however i ensure we make progress in other aspects such as behavioural or mental which can take place in the 1st week.

What is the difference between online coaching & one off training plans?

The one off training programs we supply are fully tailored to you as individual however that is what you get, purely the training program alone. Whereas the online coaching is more thorough and allows me to be accountable and cover all aspects of your fitness journey including training, nutrition, mental wellbeing & so much more. With the online coaching I will have multiple trackers in place to manage progress as well as you being assigned your very own private profile on the site to which you will check in and gain access to the exercise library. The training programs simply provide a training program and some foundational points regarding data tracking and supplementation. Each will have there benefits but it all depends on what you are wanting from your training.

Can i transfer from a training plan to full time online coaching?

Yes of course you can! We have had multiple clients in the past that have purchased single training plans and from there decided they want the full package and require more guidance in regards to their fitness journey. As a kind gesture you will receive 20% off your first 2 months online coaching provided you have purchased your one off plan in the past 3 months.

Will you provide meal plans?

The online coaching is fully tailored around you as an individual which is why here at Legacy Fitness training we get nothing but results. Each person will require different levels of guidance and ideally we promote a flexible approach to dieting as this helps to promote healthier food relationships but in the case you really require that guidance we can work together on creating model meal plans you can follow on a day to day basis.

What is included with the online coaching?

Please do refer to the online coaching section for a detailed walkthrough or contact me today for a personalised response however to reiterate on there the online coaching service LFT provides is a truly premium experience, as a client you will receive: -Fully tailored training plan -Fully tailored nutritional protocols -Private profile & access to the LFT exercise library and online client suite -Weekly check ins -Multiple walkthrough videos personalised to you -24/7 support -Monthly coaching calls to review progress officially -Gender specific FAQ guides -100+ page recipe book -Additional info packs at your dispense

What supplements should i be taking?

Supplementation is simple, it should always be kept as simple as possible & as individual as possible by doing this we are ensuring am optimal supplementation regimen and making sure you don’t get ripped off with your hard earned money. Regardless of wether you are a full time online client or have purchased a singular training plan I will provide guidance across both packs however it is with the online coaching I will personalise a supplementation program for you.

When will my check in take place?

As an online client you are up there at the top as my priority which means everything is not only tailor made around you but also scheduled around you too! Your check in will be at your best connivence and will only take a matter of minutes through the private members portal, these are a key part of coaching as they allow me to monitor progress and give precise feedback for the upcoming week.

What do i do if i have a question regarding my training plan?

I am very accessible person and you can find me at any of my social media’s ! Although you may not be a full time online client I will still be there to respond to any questions you may have! Simply send me a message with any enquires and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

What happens if i am completely new to training & unsure on what to do?

This is perfectly okay! Everyone has to start somewhere and its great you’ve chose the right path with LFT, I am here to guide and educate at all avenues for example as an online client not only will you receive a fully personalised plan but you will have your own private profile with access to the exercise library! On top of this I will work around the clock with fast replies and multiple feedback techniques to ensure you are understanding of all features to do with your training plan.

Are carbs bad for you? I heard they can make you fat is this true?

This is a very common question so it makes sense to include this in the FAQ section! In short carbs are in no way shape or form bad for you, they are an essential macronutrient in the body and required to produce a lot of energy and help promote better performance in the gym amongst a whole host of other benefits to you as a person! The only way you will ever gain weight is by excessively eating above your maintenance and sedentary activity, it is not the carbs making you fat it is the increased caloric intake however as a full time online client I will work with you closely to ensure you gain the right guidance and receive a personalised plan that will contain accurately set calories and macros for you to hit daily.

Will lifting weights make me bulky as a female?

Absolutely not! this is a very common question we get with sign ups, the sheer work needed to even resemble a bulkier physique would need extreme calories and even more intense training sessions. If you are a general population client lifting weights will have no detrimental effect to making you look bulkier in fact they are a key contributor to a good body composition!

How much protein do i need?

This is very individuall topic and will vary from person to person but the vast majority of the population will not get enough protein so as a baseline it always good to aim for 1.5-2.5g per KG of bodyweight however this will also depend on your activity levels too

Do i have to squat to get big legs?

This is a big myth when it comes to training or more so leg growth, you absolutley do not need to squat in order to matain larger legs what you do need however is some form of squat variation or movement that allows you to create a very high degree of mechanical tension and create a heavy load in order to recruit more muscle fibres.

Are squats bad for your knees?

Absolutely not! your exercise selection should always be individual because biomechanically everyone is built different, however how you perform squats plays a big role in injury prevention so ensuring you have a neutral spine and toes pointing outwards to engage more glute & hams whilst ensuring your knees are in line and not shooting forwards. As a client you will gain my full guidance on this!

How much is online coaching?

This will be something we discuss on your FREE coaching call because there is a lot that you recieve as a client with this service so by initiating a call i can get to know you as a person and see if we are a good match!

What makes your training program different from everyone else's on the market?

Very good question! here at LFT the core elements are built on helping people achieve their goals and change lives, so each service you see is deisgned to do exactly that!. The training programs are completely individual which is a key point because training was and always will be completley individual. You will also get access to a private Facebook community group to which i will upload weekly content to really emphasise that you are part of a big team.

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