The gym for many of us can act as a place to clear our minds and really work on bringing the best version of us, the ability to control and determine how much progress we can make and change we can bring to our bodies really does bring a lot of people (myself included) a lot of happiness.

But amongst the happiness, fitness and my career within the fitness industry has taught me a lot of lessons that are relevant to myself and my entire life so starting with point number one we have COSISTENCY, this is a very big one because for anything to come into reality it has to be consistent you have show up every single day and even more so on the days you don't want to, in order to get the job done. If we was to apply this to general life and say you wanted a specific job in order to get that job you have to be consistent within your process you have to make sure that you are doing the needed work to put yourself in the best position to be hired. This point replicated in a gym environment doesn't change either, if you want results within the gym you have to ensure you are consistently doing the work needed to get the progress you want because in the end you can't complain for the results you didn't get for the work you didn't do.

The second point we can move onto is independence and work ethic, in the life and in the gym not everyone will be your friend and not everyone will agree with your opinions this is where standing on your own two feet and being independent comes in to play necasur you have to do things for yourself and not the verification from others. When you do things for others and don't have the indepandce you can lose control of your life and not have the initiative to excel within your goals which long term will never be good for keeping a strong mental health state. When you start to think for yourself and most importantly do for yourself you are in control and can start to create a relentless work ethic that can't be challenged or matched by anyone because you are so engulfed within your own plans and the goals you have set yourself. The aim here is to create a why so strong that nothing negative or counterproductive to the goal can get in the way of you and your tunnel vision.

One of the final out of many lessons I've learnt from lifting would have to be intentions and creating the drive to just go out and do something. You cannot grow in the gym or make progress simply by going through the motions you have to train with the ITENT to grow when you create this style of drive you are creating a mindset or a daily habit that is bred for success and you simply cannot be beaten on your path. This concept is very much relevant in life to, you have to approach tasks with the intent to progress and optimise if you are turning up to jobs or building relationships without the intent or drive to progress you really do risk stagnating or even worse regressing in your goals and overall life.

I have plenty more lessons I have learnt which will be posted on here or my social medias with the future.

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