Progression is far often overcomplicated and misjudged within fitness and goal achieving usually the reason behind this is lack of knowledge or companies wanting to make money which isn't good at all, however understanding the basic principles of progression and how to create a continuum of progression will help you achieve your results at a much faster pace.

Data is such a precious and valuable commodity within progression the more we can track as individuals or coaches for clients the more we can be in control to manipulate variables and cause greater changes. The aim is to collect as much data as possible and by not doing so is more than likely a reason why you are not currently making the progress you should be making. Once you have a goal established you need to consider everything that will get you there for example body weight, training sessions, calorie intake etc following that you want to be consistent with your actions and track these figures as much as possible the reason behind doing this means that if progress holts we are able to look at the data and see instantly what needs to change.

A permanent change or end product is always caused by a series of events and not just one singularity which is why consistency is a core element within progression, in order to achieve something we must repeat the same steps and actions that will elicit the change needed to achieve our goals simply doing bits and bats of these necessary actions will not get you results. This won't come easy though it will be tough however with being consistent you open a window to so much more benefits that will aid progression and charter development. Being structured and disciplined will help with life skills for job interviews or important roles within daily life as well as consistency around the clock with training and nutrition. If you are not being consistent then you are most certainly not making the progression you need to be making, be consistent and you will be on the right path.

Having alignment within your goals and actions is very important and more often than not hiring a coach for this is hugely beneficial, The problem i see is far to many individuals have a great goal in mind which is good, really good but then as i observe actions and how they approach the goal it doesn't align with the goal and therefore i see no progress being made eg people wanting to lose weight yet still over consuming on calories, the two variables don't match therefore the end product is being pushed further away from the end goal. In order to be where you need to be make sure your goals match with your actions.

Commitment to your training and progress is vital in terms of achieving your goals within health and fitness, if you can not commit to your training program then you are highly decreasing the chances of making significant progression over a period of time. Make sure when you set your goals that you are doing it for the right reasons and not for the gratification of others or for something external to yourself this will not help you long term. If you are doing it for the right reasons you will always be committed and therefore always be on track, if you struggle committing i would suggest setting new goals that are more significant to you as an individual.

Another reason that you may not be making progress could be due to the fact that your current training program does not work with your current lifestyle and demands too much to the point where you can't be consistent with it. This is why its important to consider individuality and understanding what works for you, for example if you work a 9-5 or really long night shifts you aren't going to be able to commit to a demanding 5-6 day training split you won't be able to recover this is the issue with buying from these fitness celebrities, just because someone is in good shape doesn't mean their way of training will work for you. Initially before forming any training routine asses how many days you can commit to training and from there start piecing together training days that you are able to do and progress without being too taxing on your body or lifestyle.

So to conclude todays blog make sure you are ticking boxes and paying attention to yourself hiring a coach can be extremely beneficial to you and your training!. Hope you enjoyed the post make sure to let me know what you think.