In todays post I'm going to be sharing a few tips to help maximise your progression and help you push further than ever before, the thing I see commonly within people is the state of certainty they work within which is great its perfectly fine but as they say the grass is always greener on the other side and just by changing a few things you'll be surprised how much further you can go with your progress, and after all you deserve it for how hard you all work.

The first tip would be data collection, now by title it doesn't seem fancy or appealing however it is a crucial factor in maximising progress. The more we track the more we can control therefore by collecting as much data as possible we are in a better position to control progression too, Have you ever been on a heavy weekend or worked really hard and expected a change within the scales but it wasn't what you was expecting which left you feeling like you had made little to no progress? this is perfectly common as we know weight fluctuates by tracking this daily we are able to pinpoint problematic errors and put a cause to the weight scale change all just by one little change. This can be cross referenced to all aspects of your training such as sleep or overall mood as again we will be able pinpoint problems and therefore keep moving forwards with a solution.

The next would be optimising rest days. By utilising rest days we are simply giving the body more time to rest and therefore recover and come back bigger and stronger, the common misconception we see is that the body grows within the gym or the actual activity when this is not the case however individuals are led to think this and therefore as a result over train and not let the body rest. By taking a rest day or 1 extra days rest you are allowing the body to be in a better state of recovery as well as physically there are a lot of mental benefits you'll find too for example training can be very demanding on both the CNS and overall mental health therefore by taking rest days you can re set the mind and boost motivation levels too meaning once back at training you are far more suited to perform better.

Following rest days I would then highly recommend a plan of action, sounds odd right ? you'd be surprised how many people just train for the sake with no direction, if I was to ask you where you see yourself in 3 years time or what you need to have achieved by the end of the month or if you are currently on track what would your answer be?

Having a plan of action is quite possibly the most important factor of progression as it gives us direction and a path to follow without one we are simply aiming for a target we can't see. By being more ambitious and pro active we are building a better mindset and creating a higher success rate of getting to where we need to be.

Nutrition is another key factor for progression it ties in highly with aligning your actions within your goals, for a basic understanding of calories I recommend reading through some of my other blogs on nutrition but by establishing a goal of either weight loss or weight gain typically speaking you need to ensure your dietary goals match that too for example if you are reading this wanting to gain muscle then the questions here would be are you consuming enough calories? or are you eating at only just maintenance level? a strong steady surplus is needed for optimal weight gain and the opposite for a reduction in bodyweight.

The final tip amongst may others I could give which I will in a separate blog would be intensity within sessions, this is important regardless the goal a lot of people are led to believe for example weight loss means light weight and lots of cardio which is relatively easier than lifting weights, Intensity should be imminent within all sessions regardless of the goal at hand when you enter a session you want to exit the session knowing you gave it your all and nothing less, don't just go through the motions make sure to push yourself and come out of your comfort zone by doing so you are far more likely to achieve goals you never knew possible and make progress at a much faster rate.