Want to get bigger and stronger? Good keep reading... 1️⃣, This won’t be an overnight process consistency is needed around the clock to tick boxes, you can quit looking for fast tracks as it will only slow down progress, be patient and the results will come, your time will come. 2️⃣, doing the hard stuff, one cannot accrue more muscle tissue without first having applied the correct techniques first, unfortunately you’ve got to go hard you will not make results just going through the motions and ‘shocking’ the muscle, load the bar up and get the fucker moving 3️⃣,social media trends, just bc you saw Ryan terrys or Ross Dickerson’s latest exercise doesn’t mean you should go do it yourself, you are INIDIVIDUAL what works for someone else may not work for you, I recommend a coach at this point if you struggle with exercise selection. 4️⃣,food consumption, this goes without saying you need to eat if your at the beginning stages of your lifting journey at this point again don’t fall victim for all this specialist stuff there will be a time and a place for now just get another meal down you, your weight will go up trust me I’ve been there. 5️⃣, progressive overload, I get it your doing your deadlifts your assuming your working hard yet your not getting bigger ??? Why is this you ask? You need to increase the total loading make the workouts hard and make sure at no Cost that you are better than you was the week before. 6️⃣, and just one more as it keeps trending lately please for the love of god if you are slim and trying to build muscle do not keep mini dieting and then lean bulking this will get you no where, just stick it out and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.