Supplements are a very broad subject which can make things very confusing when it comes to choosing which sups to take and how to spend your money, unfortunately there are companies that purely sell supplements just to make a financial gain and can sometimes rip you off by selling stuff that isn't needed or offers little to no benefits in regards to your training. In this mornings blog post I will be taking you through a beginners guide to supplementation and provide a recommended plan of action for what to use.


Your internal health Is just as important as external looks and its very easy to disregard this as they don't offer much physical benefit. The main thing im getting at here is looking after your internal health to make sure your immune system can be as strong as possible and making sure your body gets the right nutrients it needs.:

-A good multi vit

-Vit D

-Omega 3

-Greens powder

Now some of them are individual, for example the greens powder would only be relevant if your daily diet doesn't provide a lot of fruit and veg so you can implement a greens powder to get a good dose of vitamins and minerals. Multi vits and omega 3's simply provide a sustainable amount of vitamins and minerals to ensure your body stays healthy internally and can maintain good bone health (calcium) and immune system strength to avoid any deficiencies like iron or vit D for example.


Again this isn't an essential suppletment but dependant on the individual can be very beneficial. Allow me to open by saying protein powder doesn't offer anything special, ladies this won't make you 'bulky' and gents this won't make you pack on superhuman levels of muscle, when you supplement with protein you are simply increasing your daily consumption of protein which contributes to muscle growth and repair. If you are struggling to find time to eat and find your meals don't contain a lot of protein in then use of a powder would be beneficial as you can make a shake that can offer upwards of 22-27g protein which is sufficient enough to spike MPS, on the other hand say if you are peak off season and struggle to eat all your meals then substitution of a shake would mean you can liquify your protein goal and consume this a lot easier but this entire thing is relevant to the individual.


Now the fun stuff but again very individual and if you do not need them do not use them as this can be a very easy way for you t blow money like there is no tomorrow. Pre workouts are a method we can use to increase mental focus and energy which can result in you being more active within the gym and get more done, however it can be very hard to pick a go d pre wrote as there are so many my best Advice would be to avoid cheap brands like bulk powders or my protein as they offer little to none focus and provided they are cheap will still end up wasting your money as you'll find you take more than the recommended dosage. Look for a good panel that consists of some well dosed ingredients and from there make your choice. ultimately pre workouts come under:

STIM (w/ caffeine)

STIM FREE (w/o caffeine)

If you find you work long shifts and find you struggle to make time to train then you could potentially look to implement a pre workout or if you just don't enjoy training you could look for a pre that offers a euphoric feeling to make you find training more enjoyable but again this is all individual specific.

The main take home from this post is that everyone is different and although we are all using the gym to get results the situations we find ourselves in and how we approach the gym will always be different so consider this and consult someone like myself of respected bands like insight supps before making any big purchases.