Far too often i see individuals overcomplicating the process of weight loss and looking for fast track options which doesn’t ever end well long term.

setting up an effective weight loss plan is going to require a lot of tracking and data collection in order to optimize progression, start by keeping track of your bodyweight and seeing what happens when food drops keep it simple and once you’ve grasped tracking one variable go onto the next and be a bit more complex with the approach don’t get thrown in the deep end to soon. A log book or apps such as my fitness pal can be extremely good for tracking.

calorie periodization is vital too, you’ve grasped the idea of a calorie deficit which is great however DO NOT make the mistake of going to deep into a deficit too early this will leave you feeling depleted and very run down as well as a huge decline in performance within the gym, my best and most proven advice would be to taper your calories down slowly in accordance to weight loss starting off with something like sub 300 maintenance would be ideal, following that you would reduce calories correlative to weight loss.

Its a common saying that you can’t hit a target you can’t see the same goes for weight loss, i get you want to lose weight but what do you really want to achieve are you unhappy with how you look in the mirror, do you want to look better for your significant other? Want to make the chest pains go away? my point here being is that you need to look beyond the looking glass set a goal that really hits home this way you can be relentless within your actions and make sure nothing gets in the path of you and your goals.

Once goals have been set the next step means aligning your actions too for example aiming to lose weight but then over consuming on calories is counterproductive to the goal in mind isn’t it? its crucial that day in day out you do what you set out to do and make sure the both actions and goals always stay within alignment of one another.


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