What are they?

What do they do?

Why are they important?

Coach Josh has all the answers!

Calories are made of of macronutrients or commonly shortened down to macros, each macro has a specific role in the body and promotes a healthy mind and body it is important that we get a sufficient amount of both in order to create a healthy and well looking physique.

there are 3 different macronutrients to understand:

PROTEIN - a well known macro proteins job is to help promote muscle growth and repair. When we exercise our muscles go through MMT (micro muscle tear) this means they are torn and broken down on a minuscule level to which they repair back stronger with sufficient rest and recovery alongside precious nutrients this is what protein does via MPS ( muscle protein synthesis) it is important to get a high amount to maintain tissue as we don’t want our body to start going through muscle tissue as a source of energy this can lead to a flat look and loose skin at times

CARBOHYDRATES - another well known macro but for not so good reasons and for why? carbohydrates are vital their main role is for energy production, cell hydration and glycogen repair another energy source for the body. The common myth is that carbs make you fat which is far from the truth, when eaten in excess ( a calorie surplus) carbs will get stored and converted to fat however this can only be done by overconsuming so make sure you aren’t doing this if you want to lose weight. Don’t ever neglect carbs they are vital for healthy function.

FATS - and last but not least fats this macro is again vital and is the bodies main source for insulation and energy they also contain a lot of micronutrients that help protect against illnesses and promote healthy functioning organs.

macronutrient intake is very reflective of how your physique will look think?:

if person 1 consumes 3000kcal of just pure fats

and person 2 consumes 3000kcal of a mix of all 3 macros

Will they look the same?

absolutely not hence why a mix of both is very important for your physique and overall health.