Success is a completely individual concept and each person will have their own goals and perception of what we call 'success'. However I truly believe that at some point every victory, every success you've ever had started out at one point as a mere thought process which means by being in control of our thought processes then we truly can 'achieve it if we believe it'

Your mind is the most powerful tool you own and the biggest asset you possess too so its extremely important to harness this power and get your mind to work for you and not against you the moment you can do this is when you truly will experience success and the manifestation of your greatest goals. The idea of 'think good things, good things will happen' is very much real, its all so easy to think or feel negative at times and when you do think this or even worse say negative things then there is a high percentage that negative things will happen, this is why thinking positive is key in every situation because it means no matter what you can come out winning and most of all in control.

In addition to the previous point you can really influence positive thoughts with certain tools and habits designed to help you think positive things, one in particular called 'affirmations' is an extremely powerful tool and can really help to bring positive things into reality. For this to be effective it has to be 2 things: 1-Individual

2-Relative and specific to the goal at hand

When you account for these two points what happens then you can create specific affirmations that you will repeat daily and think about multiple times per day. We all get the same 24 hours in a day however the thoughts we all feel are completely different if you can make sure that these thoughts are good you are putting yourself in a really good position to succeed.

One other key point when it comes to the mindset and linking it to success is focus and your energy as a person. I like to think of energy as a currency and what you spend or invest your energy into will determine the sitations and progress you can make. In life there are things you can control and things you cannot control and which one you put your energy into will determine the progress you make and how you develip as a person. In order to really capitalise on making progress, being in control and being as successful as possible you need put all your energy into things you can control the reason for this is it means you are always in control and you will always win in turn meaning more results.

That concludes todays blog post! hope you enjoyed and have a great day!

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