Now this is something of great importance when it comes to your training because it allows us as humans to actually feel human and in some ways avoid imploding and having meltdowns, switching off is something I do struggle with but I must admit that since creating more time to do so I've increased my productivity and I manage stress a lot better nowadays.

The idea of switching off Is that it needs to be individual for it to be optimal for example switching off for me or down time would involve a nice walk or going somewhere that I can get creative with and take nice photos whereas for others they may enjoy a drink or going out to see friends. Down time has to bring you comfort and enjoyment and allow you to switch off and feel good about how th

ings are going from this you will then be able to clear your mind and approach work periods of time with a better sense of mind and have more clarity on what needs to be done.

Moderation is another big one because we don't want to confuse switching off with slacking off because this will prevent progress and create distractions within our current goals, I recommend setting apart time zones for switching off or downtime and from there use this time to do what makes you feel happy.

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