What are they and what do they do?

A fat burner is a supplement that is designed and advertised to promote weight loss however sometimes this isn’t the case.

Most fat burners contain appetite suppressants which means you feel the desire to eat less which therefore means your total calorie intake will be lower which in effect is good only if you have a big appetite but it would be safer and more efficient to use other methods first

Thermogenesis is another effect which takes place within the body by raising body temperature which is caused by burning calories however again it is a lot safer to create a deficit and still enjoy foods.

caffeine is another ingredient used in fat burners to increase alertness and provide energy which will mean more movement which overall results in more calories burned via expenditure due to the increased amount of energy.

Fat burners are often misconstrued and advertised as the answer to your weight loss problems when they couldn’t be further away if they tried because there is a lot of common side effects with fat burners such as abdominal pain headaches and in some cases increased anxiety

A fat burner will often cost £30-£40 which for that cost you could buy good quality foods that will promote a more efficient and safe calorie deficit.