This is a goal I see many people pursue however its also one of the goals I see people make the most mistakes in simply because there is not enough guidance and knowledge given out and it is very easy as a beginner to fall into the traps of money driven companies designed to con you out of money and deliver no results at all. As a brand and a coach my job is to get nothing but results so this post amongst my numerous other content pieces regarding this topic will deliver the guidance you need when it comes to fat loss.

Lets get into nutrition first a BIG aspect of any fitness goal let alone fat loss, every single food or drink you consume contains x amount of calories and will vary depending on how much food you intake. In order to reduce weight and overall body fat percentage we have to manipulate the daily caloric intake, to make this simple to understand I shall list the 3 main groups of calories that you will fall into:




Now you'll notice calorie deficit is highlighted this is all for good reason too because we need to create a calorie deficit in order to bring down total weight, note for this to take place you have to know your maintenance levels which is individual to everyone as a member of team LFT I will calculate this for you. The mistake I see far to often is people going too much too soon and drastically reducing calories which is not only unhealthy but is very detrimental to performance too. Moderation is key for weight loss and determining and a deficit so provided you have found your maintenance I would recommend a deficit of 200-400kcal to start this off then using scale weight adjust your caloric intake accordingly.

Macros are another big element of weight loss/fat loss because most people tend to disregard macros or let their negative food relationships get the best of them. There is NO bad food for you lets just address that, what I mean by this is carbs, protein, fats none of it Is bad for you the only thing that will ever cause you to gain weight is increasing your daily intake therefore if you do eat an excess amount of say just carbs then yes you will get fat but purely because of the fact you are eating above your maintenance which therefore puts you in a surplus the opposite outcome of a weight loss phase.

Your training and the intensities you are able to create will play a big role in your weight loss phase as they allow you to create a bigger deficit by moving more and burning more calories. a big mistake I see is people punishing themselves doing too much cardio and completely disregarding weight and resistance training. Its important to train with weights in order to grow and maintain muscle tissue because if you lose this the overall body composition won't be what you're thinking or wanting.

Movement will be the final point for todays post as it ties in with exercise and is super easy to apply no matter what level of fitness or kit you have access to. Movement is such a simple concept due to how malleable it is. something as simple as 10k steps per day simply gets you moving more and as a result burning more calories and emphasising the deficit you are in.From here you would implement steps within your daily routine and use them to boost motivation and ensure you can get more done with your days.

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