Good morning to my avid blog post readers I hope you are well & ready to read another amazing post regarding all things training and nutrition!

In this mornings post I will be going through some key tips you can apply to your everyday lives to ensure you are getting the most from your days this is important to know because if you can get more out of your days you can create new and improved ways to succeed and achieve your goals as well as creating a better mindset that will help you live a happier life and improve your mental health because when you think good things good things happen!

The first stage to getting more out of your days is structure, all the greatest things in the world have structure that is of course person/situation specific the same things applies to you if you want to make more progress you have to structure your days to ensure you can prioritise tasks and get the required needed to achieve and progress towards your goal. I Like to personally use a daily planner to ensure I can write down my tasks for the day and begin to prioritise tasks to a certain time limit or place, from here its just a case of ticking boxes and as long as you complete the list you will be making progress and inching towards your goals!

Your mindset is your biggest asset too when it comes to approaching life and when you can learn to harness this power and use it to your advantage that is when you can really begin to maximise your days and get the most out of them, in life there are things you can control and things you cannot control depending on which one you put your energy into will determine the rate of success you have and how you approach your days in regards to mindset. its very important to focus on whats in your control because then you can begin to manifest our greatest goals and create situations thaht are designed to make you progress and tick the needed boxes to achieve your targets!. This will all be individual specific and is something I work with heavily when it comes to unboarding new clients.

Food is fuel and your nutrition is a huge aspect of starting your day and getting the most out of your day if you had a diet hat was purely consisted of junk food and bad foods then your mindset would be poor your overall health would be poor and your outlook on life would be too because the food isn't doing your body any favours whereas when you can eat a balanced diet the contains calories specific to you and your goal that is when you can begin to leverage a better sense of balance and eat the foods designed to help you tick boxes and look your best, and this isn't me saying you have to consume all things green and healthy but making smart food choices is pivotal for self development so instead of going for the full tub of ben and jerries only have a small serving or choose the low kcal alternative which then means you are still enjoying your foods but by making a smarter choice you can create a better sense of balance.