Progress it matters, everyone wants it and yet a vast majority do struggle with making progress and getting results, todays blog post will take you through some key points to which you can apply today and instantly start seeing progress.

The main take home point if you are reading this blog post is application, most people will read through tonnes of educational and informative content but most will not apply it and as a result let the info just set in their heads all day which will never result in progress. so If you are reading this then make sure that you are applying and putting these tips into action because that is when you will begin to really reap the benefits.

The first tip is data, its common knowledge that what's measured is managed so when you track more data you gain an insight into your training and other variables meaning you can spot what's working vs what isn't and from there be more accountable for your fitness journey. Useful tools such as a logbook or even simple apps such as my fitness pal and sleep cycle all provide very powerful insights into your fitness progression and can really deliver an understanding on how much progress you are making.

Secondly you have intensity, most people will go to the gym the same as most people will dp some form of movement when at the gym however n to everyone will train at the right intensities for the causation of growth to take place. A basic understanding of this would be the RPE scale (rate of perceived exertion) Simply put you will perform an exercise and mark it out of 10 depending on how hard it is from here you can then gain an insight into how hard you are actually working. As a baseline for working sets you should aim to train at no lower than 6/7 RPE any lower and you wouldn't be recruiting as much muscle fibres or training as optimal as say training at a higher RPE.

Next up you have is individuality, now this is very applicable to all variables within your training and will need to be considered across each too, training was and always will be individual so you need to ensure that you are choosing movements that fit you as a person and making sure that the split and entire training regime is based around you as an individual when you take this into account you are putting yourself in a better position to manage and reduce stress as well as optimise recovery and in turn performance in the gym.

The final point amongst many to which I will do a part 2 or post across another social media will be simple consistency. None of the above will work if you cannot be consistent and adhere to the plan when you can't adhere you can't create the adaptive response your body needs to grow nor can you build the healthy habits needed to sustain a long term training plan. Consistency can be optimised when you really nail individuality because when the plan is specific to you, you'll find it easier to enjoy the process and in most cases see training and nutrition as a fun topic and not a chore.

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