Everybody wants results, everybody wants to make progress however sometimes making that jump and knowing what actually to do can seem easier said than done, in todays blog post i'll be sharing with you multiple tips you can use and most of all apply instantly to start making more progress and in turn get more results for your fitness journey.

The first tip will always be clarification, I've been through a lot in my fitness and business career and at times when I thought I couldn't make progress and it just wasn't meant to be it turns out I just didn't have the clarification of where I needed to be. You see clarification paves the way for the journey it will present us with situations we need to grow and make progress From as well as make the right choices. Having a goal is key it provides us with purpose as well as the heavy sense of direction we need to succeed, but it has to be inidivual for it to be optimal so make sure whatever it is you want to achieve you are doing it for you and you only.

Data collection leads us onto the second point because we know that what's measured is managed so when you begin to track variables of tour training you gain and insight into what's working vs what isn't as well as having a greater sense of control which means you are in control of how much progress you can make. Data collection comes in multiple methods too because you can make it as individual or specific as you like as a baseline I would always track your caloric intake, bodyweight and use progress photos to measure body composition this way you know exactly how your body is responding to calories and food intake both from a data perspective and physical perspective.

Intensity is another big point in todays post when you can produce the right intensities within your training you can really create some leverage for progress and put yourself in the best position to succeed, you have to train with the intent to grow because if you aren't then you really are placing a lot of barriers up to limit yourself.

That wraps up todays blog post hope you enjoyed!

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