Now this is an especially valuable blog post for a number of reasons however the main one being the fact, I KNOW you all want results and I know each and every one of you reading this wants to achieve some sort of physique goal so todays blog post is simple:

I'll be sharing with you some very valuable and applicable tips you can use instantly to start making more progress.

The first tip when it comes to making more progress is clarity from the start which primarily stems from having a goal, so setting something out with a plan of action is extremely important, I like to start off simple and find a brand goal of say lose weight or build muscle from here the goal is to break that down into multiple smaller goals and timed goals such as monthly, weekly and daily because fro there what we can aim to do is make a conscious effort to tick boxes and follow what has been set for the day and before you know it something as simple as hitting a step goal will be helping you to achieve your wildest and biggest goals.

The second tip would be the intensity, now this is applicable to everyone regardless of what your goal is because you dee as humans we are designed to evolve and grow but in order for our bodies to change in the way that we want we have to give our bodies a reason to grow ie the intensity at you train at is highly correlative to the physique you display so if you have a goal you HAVE to train with the intent to grow in order for you to mov e forwards in a lineal fashion and achieve your goals.

Moving on from intensity we have individuality which is a broad topic but very relevant and extremity pivotal for making more progress for the prime reason that biomechanically as humans we are literally built to be different so in order for us to make progress we have to a account for this to make the progress needed to achieve our goals.One key topic this covers would be exercise selection for example you have to select movements that fit you as an individual say if you have back issues or extremely poor mobility then something technical like a barbell back squat wouldn't be optimal and something isn't optimal then long term you cannot progress from it.

When you can learnt to apply these 3 tips then I can assure you, progress will 10x instantly!

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