Setting up a training program can be an extremely valuable skill that will help you within progression it is also a vital step in order to achieve your goals, however dependent on training knowledge or experience this task may seem easier said than done and people are often sold 'smoke' as training plans that don't actually work.

The reason why some plans work for you and others is simply because of individuality, as humans the most beautiful and valuable thing we have is individuality it allows us to stand out it allows us to achieve certain things others can't and vice versa so by not taking this into account when making a training program would mean you will end up with something that isn't built for you. A of fitness models or famous trainers tend to ignore this concept and sell programs based on how they look with the assumption you will too but we know this is a lie as we are all unique therefore we must consider certain variables when creating a training routine.

Your lifestyle is hugely influential on what your training program will include for example say if you work nights or travel a lot it will be near impossible for you to follow a 6 day training routine as you will be too burnt out which is why we must create something that works around your job and lifestyle because if we ignore these we create a plan that becomes way to demanding and eventually will burn you out often resulting in people quitting which is counter productive to the goal at hand. You should first start off by assessing how many days a week you can commit to training and then following that begin to form your training days based on your availability.

Experience is something that comes with time, practice and investment so if you are starting out the exercises and actions that you can do will be limited to an extent as opposed to someone who has been training a lot more years, this is again another key element because confusion will often lead to discouragement and the feeling of no progression, a trainer or coach can often help with this as they are able to take you though and give you instructions on how to do certain movements as well as the ones that work best for you as an individual, once you have covered the basics your knowledge will improve which means you can transition onto more complex training methods.

Goal setting and data tracking tools are a very important piece of creating a training plan as it gives us purpose and allows you to manage your progress maximally, by setting goals you give yourself a path to follow with some purpose this means if you encounter any plateaus you will then be able to continue moving forwards as you know there is a job to be done and goals to achieve. The more you can track the more you can control ultimately this puts you in a position to make more progress as opposed to not tracking this is because we are measuring data and understanding how our body works so that we know what to add and take away in order to elicit more progress.

So there you have it some tips on creating your own program nice and brief today people i hope you enjoyed it, need help setting your goals and getting plan? you can contact me toady via email!