One of the most important factors when it comes to having a successful fitness journey is ensuring that you have a routine that works for you and is tailored to you, this is important because it makes the program a lot more sustainable and you are more than likely to stick at it for a longer period of time and we know that results are created primarily through consistency.

The only problem we have today is that a lot of things fitness related are social media orientated which merely acts as a shop front and never gives people what they want my main point here being that a lot of fitness icons people may look up to or follow because of some reason will try and emulate that individual in the hope to somewhat look how they look, the harsh reality of this is that it is fully impossible to achieve. As humans we are designed individually therefore when it comes to pursuing any aspect of change or self improvement to is VITAL to understand everything has to be tailored to the individual.

The reason why you won't see this often is because its hard work and a lot of coaches or fitness icons are only in this for the money so it is far more easier to use themselves to sell programs which are not catered to individual and more often than not just copy and paste routines that will not deliver the results we all want. But a passionate coach someone who cares about making people look good will go the extra mile and will be aware that everything has to be tailor made, picture myself for example before even signing up i will require you to fill out an application form to allow me to gather as much data as possible to which i will then create a routine that not only works for you but will get you results primarily because i care and have put the effort to design something that works for you period.

Lifestyle is another unspoken variable in the fitness industry while its all fine and dandy that your favorite instagrammers get paid to post photos and make a living from it the vast majority including myself and you do not we have lives outside of fitness and the gym. This variable is key because we need to consider this when creating a routine for example if you work nights or have a busy lifestyle you may not be able to commit to 5 days training you may only be able to do 1 or may have lots of time and can do 7, the main point here is that you need to consider your lifestyle before embarking on a journey and make sure you follow a routine that only works for you.

I don't usually guarantee things as its a huge smokescreen and clouds the truth which misleads people, however i can guarantee that if you apply individuality and follow a plan that matches your lifestyle then you will create sustainable results and you will be in a position to achieve what you want most. Let this be a life lesson to this skill is cross reference able to your entire life too.

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