Lineal progression within your training...

At some point in your training like most you will have encountered some sort of stall or Plateau within your training or even some sort of regression, however when we asses Those time periods could they have avoided ? These things are perfectly natural but more often than not there is a solution to the problem at hand, it’s important to tick these boxes and continue the lineal path to progression.

👉🏽Nutrition, it’s very easy to get mislead and distracted from the goal when there seems to be some new style of diet out each week or something is trending, having consistency and accuracy within your diet is pivotal. If the goal is gain mass, then eat and don’t stop eating til your BW increases (generally speaking) don’t get caught up in the minor details to maintain an egotistical approvals of your physique, get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

👉🏽Aligning actions with goals, similar to the first point but make sure what you set out to do is geared towards getting you where you need to be, be a leader of your journey but also be efficient in managing your time and actions to get to the specific goal you have set.

👉🏽Rest & recovery, this is so so important rest and recovery is needed you need to be making sure that you are able to still attack sessions and be better than previous as much as possible sometimes a little bit more rest and recovery is all your body needs.

👉🏽Programming, exercise selection and the actual training regimen needs to match your lifestyle and you as an individual this will not only allow you to enjoy the process but also to reap maximum benefits as it is designed specially around you as an individual.

When we consider variables such as these achieving progress can become a lot more clearer and obtainable, when plateaus do take place consider the said points and you’d be surprised at how simple the solution to your problem may be.