For the most of us a new term at uni has just commenced and with the addition of studies and possible lectures making time for training can become a bit of a struggle leaving you to feel like you aren't or cannot progress with your sessions.

In todays blog post I want to share a number of both tips and tricks on how to manage both your training and nutrition.

Time management is a huge factor when it comes to multi tasking this can also be applied to general life as well as training. Utilising tools such as a weekly planner will mean you can identify what time you can allocate for training sessions and tasks such as meal prep. For example you may have a lecture on Thursday and lessons or study time for the majority of most mornings, write this this down on a weekly planner or somewhere you can visibly see it, from there you can allocate yourself a set time to train and develop a routine from there on meaning you can still train whilst having specific zones for managing uni work.

Goal setting is another valuable variable within this topic, your study and goals at uni have already been set however being specific within your training goals and where you want to take your physique will simply give a better sense of direction, if the goal is weight loss for a specific holiday or time frame this gives you a purpose to go and train, meaning amongst your journey at university you know have a new journey within fitness that allows you to stay motivated and driven. Making sure everything is specific to you having your training and nutrition tailored to you and your goals is key!

Balance and sustainability is without a doubt the most important point I will make in todays blog, University is no stranger to increasing stress levels and can make daily tasks and social activities hard to attend. A sense of balance whilst at uni will help you stay focused and still be able to do the things you enjoy the main thing to consider is simply moderation, establishing a fine line between what is too much and just enough wether that be drinking or shopping or whatever your set hobby may be. Sticking on track with todays post balance within your training and uni life will mean you can still train and progress within your sessions but also make sure you are on top with your studies and not falling behind. When you achieve this sense of balance everything automatically becomes more sustainable meaning you are far more likely to stick to your training and nutrition.