Losing weight, it can seem so confusing at times, the scales won't budge and no matter how many salads and slimming world meetings you attend you just can't seem to get to that position you wish to be at, you've tried all the fast track diets and completely cut carbs whilst only doing cardio yet still no results why is this ? why are you not making progress by doing this? Allow me to explain in this informative blog post.

A lot of the time weight loss and fat loss get confused for being the same thing when in fact both are very different and more often that not women don't want to lose weight they just want to lose body fat, so how is it that we lose and reduce body fat? your dietary intake and training regimen are the two main variables we have to track and progress.

The problem with doing strictly cardio for weight/fat loss is that it doesn't elicit the goals you want, when we exercise or more precisely do cardio the aim is to burn calories which is good to an extent but calories are made up of macronutrients these macros are:




When we burn calories we cannot control the type of macros we burn therefore when doing an excessive amount of cardio we are at risk of burning through protein stores which means a loss in muscle mass. Long term this can lead to loose skin and a flat looking physique and not the toned look you originally set out to do. It's vitally important that we consume a high amount of protein and regularly train on resistance machines by doing this we ensure that we do not burn through muscle stores and end up with a 'flat' look.

There is a huge preconception that lifting weights seems to make women bulky and appear more masculine when in fact this is far from the truth. For those of you reading that have had or know someone that has suffered back pain? that is caused by excessive strain on the lower back and an underdeveloped core by training with resistance machines and free weights you are able to strengthen your core and therefore reduce lower back pain drastically. By training your muscles and developing your strength you not only make yourself physically look better but you improve your daily functionality, got a school run? or buy chasing the little ones round great! now you can do those all with ease and no pain by simply lifting weights.

When it comes to nutrition unfortunately a salad only diet or cutting carbs out won't do your body any good in fact the only thing it will do is create bad food relationships and macronutrient deficiencies, each person is individual when it comes fitness and within weight loss/fat loss it primarily boils down to calorie intake to create a reduction in bodyweight we must reduce the total calorie intake however we must first find the calorie maintenance which is a variable unique to everyone so once this is found out we then go into a calorie deficit. Periodisation within your calories is crucial for safety too you must taper your deficit slowly by 100-300kcals in accordance with weight loss by drastically deducting say 1000kcal you will deplete very quickly and could possibly get ill.

The only problem with all this is that it isn't fancy, it doesn't deliver overnight results and it doesn't seem flash to buy into but the thing is, is that this works it will deliver results and if you are consistent it will bring you the results you want whilst being flexible at times too. So remember the take home from this:

Train heavy and progressive

Create a calorie deficit

Track progress and be consistent

You follow those tips and that right there is optimal weight loss for females.