The bread and butter of recovery, the holy grail of gains and the secret to looking younger and healthier YET one of the most overlooked and abandoned variables to most people’s lives. Over 51% of adults claim to not get enough sleep 🤯(prince cruises annual relaxation report 2018)

There are so many benefits towards getting better sleep on average you should aim for 6-9 hours which is around 4-6 sleep cycles this will see you well rested for the day ahead. Benefits of a better nights sleep include:

👉🏽Reduced stress

👉🏽Better cognitive function

👉🏽Better moods

👉🏽Improved recovery

👉🏽Stronger immune system

But this can all seem easier said than done for those that live busy lives or just struggle switching off at night which is why I’ve got a couple of tips to help you drift off and catch a better quality of sleep each night👏🏽

1️⃣BLUE LIGHT EXPOSURE, devices such as phones laptops etc emit a harmful substance which we call blue light, this is known to reduce melatonin production and cause headaches etc so reducing the exposure will automatically help you sleep better. A pair of blue light blockers or night shift mode can help combat this effectively.

2️⃣CAFFEINE, a CNS stimulant caffeine is known for increasing alertness and improving focus all of which you DO NOT want pre bed, reducing/eliminating caffeine intake will see you sleep a lot better each night.

3️⃣SUNLIGHT EXPOSURE, beneficial to your circadian rhythm and hormone regulation, sunlight exposure early AM is extremely beneficial for melatonin production and helping you sleep better at night.

4️⃣MEDITATION, the subconscious mind can keep you awake for hours on end at times that’s why something as simple as a guided meditation or my personal favourite white noise can help you drift off into a deep state of sleep within minutes. Comment below and I can send you the link directly! It’s a game changer👏🏽

So do you feel you get enough sleep?

Do you feel rested upon waking?

If not I hope those tips can help some of you get a better nights sleep! And if you do require more tips simply send me a message and I’ll be happy to help

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