I am a big believer of starting your day on the strongest point possible because it heavily impacts how the rest of your day will go. For a routine to work it has to be first individual for it to be then optimal so bare that in mind when creating your own morning routine as it will differ from person to person. This post focuses a lot on the idea of think good things, good things happen so by doing and applying these tips you will be in a better position to start sharing and creating more positive energy.


This is such a simple one that has truly changed my life and no matter who you are this is something you can all apply and start your day with, the idea of making your bed is you taking charge and being accountable for your own actions when you can do this you can begin to apply this to your overall life and therefore be in control of more situations meaning a better position to win. When you can showcase to yourself and start your day with such a simple yet powerful action you can really begin to start making progress.


This is another huge one, all the greatest and most powerful things all share one thing in common: Structure. When you can create structure within your days you can begin to create automated systems designed for success specific to you. This again needs to be individual but most of all relevant, you need to make sure the tasks you are doing and planning out are designed to push you forwards with your goal and nothing less. I will always plan my day and work with a prioritisation effect and make sure I get the right tasks done at the right time.


This is another thing you can do almost instantly upon waking to ensure you start your day strong. Affirmations are a mental technique used to affirm yourself of something you want to manifest and encounter within real life, affirmations need to be truthful and relevant to you as an individual and must be done multiple times to affirm the idea of 'if you think it, you can achieve it'

Morning affirmations can be something simple as thanking the universe for another day or as specific as encountering financial gain the point is that it has to be specific for it to truly be effective.


Food is fuel and the foods you choose to consume to some degrees will have aneffect on both your physical state and mental state of health. To put this practically if you had someone on a diet purely consisting of mcdonanlds and another of balanced/healthier meals then I can assure you one person would feel better than the other. When you can choose to intake healthier and more balanced foods you digest better nutrients and keep your overall health in check. You will find a better mental state too when eating less junk food as you will be In more control of your food and therefore mind.

When you can begin to apply all these tips you can then begin to create a powerful morning routine.