With individuals wanting to lose weight more than ever before companies have cottoned onto this and now provide services that help promote weight loss the big names such as weight watchers and slimming world have dominated the market

Now don’t get me wrong these companies do good things for individuals in terms of reducing calorie intake and eliminating bad food habits but its common knowledge that when you go from over consuming and binging to then reducing and under consuming that weight loss is imminent.

As these companies are big names they want to be the only pathway to weight loss so have produced supplements and food options to make you buy even more products which again have benefits as they promote lower calorie intake however they also promote their own currency popularly known as ‘sins’ which has no correlation to calorie intake. When a food is sin free it entitles the individual to eat endless amount such as diet fizzy pops or specialist wedges for meal time and we know that overconsumption leads to weight gain as we create a calorie surplus by doing so right?

So where does that leave the individual?, they’ve signed up bought all the products and seen a sin free product they initially lose weight which is predicted by changing food sources but then soon over consume on the sin free foods which results in weight gain meaning back at square one and ready to purchase more products and more sales for these big name companies.

My best advice research and practice healthy eating along with calorie tracking and you’ll achieve your goals or hire a trainer to who can account for all your progress and provide more accurate and detailed plans suited to you as an individual.

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