Sleep is perhaps the epitome of recovery and something that is extremely important when it comes to making progress and yet is one of the most disregarded variables when it comes to peoples fitness journeys. In todays blog post I will be sharing with you some key tips on how to get a better nights sleep and ultimately make more progress.

The first tip when it comes to getting a better nights sleep would be blue light exposure, every single digital device you own and currently use emits a light source known as blue light this is completely artificial and isn't the most optimal night source when it comes to sleep so we need to learn to reduce our exposure to blue light because it does have the tendency to suppress melatonin levels a key hormone within our bodies that helps to govern sleep. There are a multitude of precautions we can take for example blue light blocking glasses are one of my preferred tips and relatively cheap to get hold of too for the benefits they provide. Another method would be night shift mode this is becoming an increasingly common feature on mobile phones and is simple to apply through the setting sand simply creates warmer colours on your mobile phone which intern reduce es the blue light exposure.

The next tip following blue light exposure would be routine, you see everything needs to have structure for it to be optimal and sustainable everything strong within society to a degree has some form of structure this is a quality we ned to apply in order to optimise sleep. In simpler terms the main take home here is setting a bed and wake time by doing so your body can begin to auto regulate sleep and help to create a natural routine. On average you should aim for 6-8 hours and hit this consistently for your body to reap the benefits and begin to create a better sense of recovery.

Now this next point may seem easier than done but stress management is huge when it comes to sleep quality, when you can optimise the first two points this one becomes a lot easier to apply because when things are more structured you are more in control which means better management of stress. When you are stressed you struggle to get into a state of mind that is needed to sleep because your mind is racing and you cannot relax which long term isn't going to get you that golden amount of sleep. Supplements such as ashwaghanda or supportmax are particular favourite of mine when it comes to managing cortisol and creating a calmer state of mind.

When you can begin to apply these 3 tips then you are well on your way to a better nights sleep and further optimise performance and recovery.