Good afternoon people! I hope we are well its been a while since the last blog post so thought I would open with a bit of an update as to where I am at and how I plan on handling the transition back to the gyms.

Training through lockdown was relatively good to me I was in a very fortunate position to be able to get some kit and create some decent load however lets face it, this was never bound to match a gym environment, my time during lockdown was heavily focused on progressing what I could but mainly re learning motor patterns and creating better stability through my movements to which I would then translate this in a gym environment. In terms of progression there was both ups and downs I feel my arms and shoulders I managed to bring up through lockdown as I could create some good stimulus and still progress however areas such as my back or legs have regressed due to me not having much kit or load to create tension with. Calories were brought down to maintenance and with Boris being ever so kind with the daily walks I began to increase expenditure which lead to me improving body composition heavily so by now you can begin to understand lockdown has been a rollercoaster for me.

The main plan moving back transitioning back to gyms is translating the skills I've learnt through lockdowns and applying them to my usual block and using this to create a better sense of progression. The split I will be following will be:






This split allows me to hit all my body parts effectively and create the right movements to progress and get strong at whilst optimising recovery, I recently just started filming the recovery suite a new section on the site which will cover all aspects regarding the entire recovery window of your fitness journeys so do keep an eye out for this.

Ultimately the goal is simple, more mass is needed for the goals I have set and the route I want to go down I really need to use this transition and maximise all aspects of my training so the remainder of this year will be spent in a big calorie surplus and using all my focus to get as strong and big as possible to meet the requirements and standards I have set as a junior bodybuilder. I also feel me gaining muscle will benefit me from a coaches perspective because this shows to me I am taking initiative and most of all leading by example which will help build trust with my clients and help me transform more lives.

If you enjoyed this blog post I will keep up to date with my training logs and make a daily or weekly habit of uploading regular posts.

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