When it comes to progression within your fitness journey its important to know that there is so much more than just training and nutrition even more so tracking these extra variables will see you progress at a much faster rate. Todays blog post will focus on sleep in particular as this is a commonly neglected variable within individuals training.

Sleep is the bodies state of rest it allows for recovery and allows the body to repair back bigger and stronger, optimally you want to aim for 6-8 hours daily by doing so your body is far better rested than say if you was having less. For those that do struggle I recommend using a weekly planner that means you can set yourself a time to go to sleep and wake up meaning prioritising your sleep will become much easier.


How do you get to sleep for better and for longer?

You see habits are the one true constant in life you will find yourself doing certain things just out of habit purely subconsciously, this needs to be emulated within your sleep by doing so will mean getting a goods night sleep will come naturally day in day out. as previously mentioned a planner will help you set times to sleep and wake each day and night amongst some other tips I will share with you below.

Blue light blockers

In todays modern society technology is something that is very dominant within individuals lives the only issue with this is that a lot of our mobile devices or televisions emit what we call blue light which is an artificial light source which can cause migraines, headaches, and as you guessed a loss of sleep due to the strain it can put on the eyes. However use of blue light blocking glasses means you are able to still use your phone but block the blue light from reaching your eyes. I recommend putting the glasses on around 2-3 hours pre bed this will ensure you are not under too much pressure from your device and come bedtime you won't be subject to any common side effects.

White noise/guided meditation

Something I've come into findings as of recent and and an absolute game changer. This method may not be suited for everyone as I know some don't like noise when they sleep however for those that do, I've found guided meditation and/or white noise to be extremely effective for getting to sleep faster and for longer. You are able to fine-tune what it is your looking for, eg if you are feeling stressed your able to find a set playlist which will not only guide you to sleep but also help alleviate stress levels.

Room temperature and sunlight exposure

This variable will always be different depending on the time of year, sleeping in a relatively cool room has been proven to boost sleep quality as well as a well- dim room too, however in times like the summer this can be hard to create therefore use of a good quality set of blinds as well as a fan can help achieve this even in the summer. Hot showers can be extremely beneficial pre bed too.

Stress & Time management

This could appear easier said than done however if you aim to be more in control of the things you can control vs what you cannon control you will find yourself feeling a lot less stressed and more in control of your time, when you have both of these points ticked off you will automatically find yourself sleeping at a much better rate and for a lot longer too. Planning your days ahead as far as possible as well as covering monthly finances or other potential stressors you'll be more in control of your time making it easier to get on with day to tasks therefore reducing the total amount of stress.

When you begin to sleep better you will see a whole host of other benefits both mentally and physically, you will be able to train better as you are well rested and not as sluggish as well as being able to eat healthier too due to having better sleep quality meaning ultimately getting more sleep means you will progress at a faster rate.