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Josh is totally committed to helping his clients 100% . Helped me personally with all my training programmes and protein plans. Always inspirational and friendly and there 24-7 for you as a client giving any advice you require. Always uploading content on his sites such as weight lifting techniques done by himself,motivational videos, fitness plans,list goes on. Josh will help you achieve your goals no matter what standard you are at

highly recommend this coach, 5 star, much respect


I’ve been working with Josh since January and I have nothing but praise to give him. I was hesitant to go ahead with the programme as I am in recovery, but Josh has been so amazing and understanding particularly with a lot of hurdles I’ve had. He’s adapted my routine to what suits me and my lifestyle in Australia best which has worked amazing - I have so much flexibility which is what I personally need rather than a strict routine I am used to. The online resources are great and easy to understand and use. 10/10 recommend!


Josh has been my personal trainer for just short of 6 weeks now and I can honestly say the changes have been amazing, my goal was to add to my frame and bulk up a lot, having seen josh’s work I knew he was the man for the job. The sessions have been very informal and I’ve learnt a lot about how muscle building works. I would highly recommend josh as your personal trainer 10/10!


I’ve been working with Josh for a couple of months now and i cannot rate him enough, from the get go everything was tailor made and personalised which makes the experience easy to stick to and educational.

From the weekly check-ins, the 24/7 support to the daily educational content Josh is always on hand to help out.

Can’t recommend him enough!


Been working with josh for a couple of months now and from day 1 has given unparalleled support to me and is available literally 24/7! he has written multiple workouts to cope with the gym and the Lockdown also a 100 page recipe book!

During lockdown as well he has gone above and beyond to provide and me and all of his clients plenty of information and workouts! from client only group chats with weekly videos, constant checkins and more!

I cant reccomend him enough!


Fantastic coaching from Josh. Did a 10 week course with him to start towards the body I want and can definitely say In 10 week I made massive progress. A friendly, consistent coach who will happily give advice 24/7 be it on best exercises, splits or nutrition, he’s always there to help. Sessions are great and you are pushed to do what you didn’t think you could. He has helped me that much that I’ve carried on with sessions from him


I decided to start working with Josh after seeing the amount of hours he puts into his coaching systems and his own development. As a nearly qualified personal trainer and future online coach I used to be a little bit unsure whether I would get too much benefit out of one.

For me Josh has been outstanding from the get go, always responds to messengers, check ins are in depth as needed, always wants to improve and listens to any feedback given and adapts to it. Having an accountability partner (Josh) has helped me step up my game even more.

After 4 weeks of working with Josh after lockdown, when I wasn’t happy with how I looked I was back on it and improved more than I could of imagined! (Now on my 2nd month)

Would recommend to anyone who wants to level up not only physically but their mindset and perspective on many other subjects and lifestyle! 10/10


Can't recommend enough!!! I've been working with Josh as a coach for 5 weeks in a 8 week bulking plan currently and he's a highly motivated individual who wants to see you progress and meet your personal goals. He encourages you when you're not feeling your best or confident in lifts which personally made me feel more comfortable handling heavier weights, but also pushes your limits and drives you to succeed! Absolute star bloke!


Been training with Josh for the last 3weeks, already noticing a difference in my training and technique. Had some really good sessions with him and still feeling the pump hours after a workout. Highly recommended


I've been working with Josh for a few months now and I cannot rate him highly enough. Not only did he go above and beyond providing training plans before the pandemic, he's also tailored home training plans for us. Alongside this we are provided with 24/7 support and weekly check ins. One main thing for me was the meal plans, he tailored a full Gluten Free meal plan for me which was easy to stick too aswell, I couldnt have done that without him ive seen many improvements since working with him, from weight loss and muscle building to also improving my confidence. He also pushes you during sessions and you definitely feel it more the next dayThankyou Josh!


Started training with josh a few months back and honestly can’t recommend him enough. The service he provided was second to none and taught me a lot too. My goal was to build muscle and develop a larger physique so josh taught me about calories the importance of progressive overload and so much more. Motivation is sky high and I’m looking forward to what the sessions bring in the future.


Josh has been a fantastic trainer. I feel more confident on equipment after proper training. I have noticed a huge change in my fitness and physique. He goes above and beyond both in the gym and outside, personalising food plans and keeping me on track. Highly recommend



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