Absolutely amazing progress from one of my clients, the dedication and commitment to the plan was second to none throughout and as a result we made phenomenal progress

Calories were reduced gradually to create an efficient deficit alongside consistent weight training to maintain and build new muscle tissue. Expenditure was increased with correlation to BW and weekly check ins allowed me to maximise progression.


Some really impressive results from my client Rhys the commitment and most of all development I've seen throughout has been tremendous and the only way is up from here.

The initial goal was to add as much tissue as possible whilst improving knowledge about training & nutrition principles. Calories were increased to create a steady surplus and as a result BW has increased significantly which also saw us take increases on lifts within the gym.


I am blown away by these shots, in such a short amount of time we achieved so much together the dedication to the plan was amazing and the confidence gained was spectacular.

We started off by reducing the overall calorie intake and focusing sessions on increasing energy expenditure and the maintenance of muscle tissue. Protein was kept high and carbohydrate intake was situated mainly around the pre and post workout window.



Superb progress from my online client Jordan who has shown impressive gains in muscle tissue and overall BW

We significantly increased calories and focused on sessions being as progressive as possible which eventually lead us to make some significant progression.

Very happy with these shots as a coach and even more so with the hard work put in by my PT client Jo who showed up consistently to sessions.

The main focus was to reduce body fat% but also to increase Cv fitness so the sessions were perfectly catered to that goal.


Very good work here from my online client Tom who was absolutely relentless in achieving his goal and adhering to the set plan.

The main target was to increase muscle mass whilst gaining a better understanding of training and nutritional principles so that he could apply them individually in the future.


This truly was exciting to create and witness, amazing progression from online client Ash the progression has been insane from being a gym newbie to now understanding so much with regards to training and nutrition.

We have gained over 15lbs in just 8 weeks and continue to increase calories til we deem appropriate.

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